Polyester Trays

Tray for intensive use in institutions. Tray systematically subjected to shocks and to various sorts of handling during table clearing and cleaning up. Tray not washed within an hour of their use and quick drying. Long term investment for heavy usage. Perfect tray for a stock of 300 pcs or more with a use > 1000 times a year. Trays with the NF label mentioned below. POLY STR - The best seller (NF) POLY STR PROFIL - The Poly Str tray with low edges POLY STR OCEAN - The Poly Str tray with wavy edges POLY STR HANS - The Poly Str tray with inset handles POLY STYL - The Poly Str tray decorated (NF) POLY ONE – The tray made of polyester cost saving BASIK - The tray made of polyester extra affordable POLY STR PERSONALIZED – 100 trays minimum (NF)

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