We are able to develop for you specific products, which may be trays for very specific usage or others.

Our know-how enables us to manufacture : 

  • Flat products in SMC
  • Permanent surface decoration with or without melamine protection
  • All type of SMC product
  • HP Lamination of Paper, Fabric or Wood vener decorated products.
  • Injection of flat products no larger than 0.25m2
  • Thermoforming of fragile products with thikness of  1 to 10mm.

Our industrial equipment contents :

28 Compression Presses
1 Thermoforming Workshop
1 Silkscreening workshop
1 Injection workshop
1 Plastic blowing workshop
1 Assembly workshop

We also have a number of other workshops for packaging, custom shipping, QC

We work for key accounts that appreciate our knwo how and our competitivity.



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