NF Label

The NF Label for foodservice tray, what is it ?

It is the single existing label for food service trays. This label guarantees that the tray's technical caracteristics are in accordance with a professional use. Our trays are put through very strict tests and controls to obtain the NF Label.

 Tests et contrôles NF    
Definition de la norme NF plateau libre-service    
Certificat NF PLATEX

Many products on the market pretend having false labels ... Becareful !
 Note LNE sur faux labels
Exemples faux labels


Why a NF label for trays ?

All trays look the same when new and presented to buyers.  Once in operation, huge differences will appear. It is then needed to guarantee a certain quality so that buyers have a complete and objective information on what they see and don't see.

Platex invites you to check the labels, we have nothing to hide.


Laboratoire National d’Essai.
Organisme mandaté par l’AFNOR
pour la délivrance et le contrôle du
label NF plateau libre-service.

Organisme Officiel de certification.
Comporte une description de la
Norme NF plateau libre-service.

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