Shipping policy

1. Delivery is made to the address indicated by the Customer on the order form only in the delivery geographic area offered by the online store indicated during the order.

2. Delivery occurs within 15 working days from the day of the order by the Customer unless otherwise stipulated explicitly indicated to the Customer on the online store prior to the order and its validation with regard to summer periods or holidays.

3. Delivery is made by a carrier carrier from Plax. The name of this service provider is mentioned to the Customer when ordering.

4. Any package not delivered for an address provided by the Customer when ordering in an erroneous or incomplete manner will be re -expressed at the customer's expense.

5. In the absence of the customer when delivery, the customer will be informed by Plantx or his service provider of said delivery.

6. Delivery is considered to be made to the customer's delivery to the customer (s) ordered in his/their package at the delivery address indicated by the Customer on the order form.

7. The delivery of the items ordered will be carried out according to the terms specified when ordering.

8. In order to allow PLFX to turn against their carrier, the Customer must inform Plax within 15 days if the items have arrived damaged on delivery. In any event, the Customer has the ability to implement legal guarantees as described in article 15 in the event of receipt of a damaged article.

9. The Customer must inform Plax in the event of non-compliance of the items received in relation to their order.

10. In the event of unavailability of one or more or so references ordered or disability of CLAX to deliver within 15 working days after the order, the Customer will be offered the reimbursement of his purchase.

11. The risks of losses or deterioration are the responsibility of the CLAX from the moment when the products have left the Plax premises and until their effective delivery.