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What tray for your need?

  • Ø 36 cm
  • Ø 45 cm
  • 60.00 x 40.00 cm
  • 46.00 x 36.00 cm

Limo tray

This non-slip lemonader tray, of new design, natural successor to the non-slip polyester plateau, combines all the advantages sought by users.

45 ° slope does not scare him.

He hangs very hard, but does not stick.

The cups, glasses, bottles, can only fall out of gravity!

Professional product - Not sold online

This non-slip lemonade tray combines all the advantages:

  • Optimized weight : neither too light (for him to hold well in his hand), nor too heavy
    (to tire the server less).
  • Exceptional non-slip : this is his very undeniable point,
    He hangs without sticking or holding the dust.
  • Easily washable : It resists stains very well and can be put in dishwasher.
  • Monobloc manufacturing : The non-slip is included in the material, it cannot peel off.
  • Excellent rigidity : It does not fold, does not twist, it is very rigid without being too heavy.
  • Unbreakable : fall, he bounces. Again, this is a big advantage.

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