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To present better and work quickly is possible with the new catering acrylic dishes. The products are valued to be acrylic supports that capture light, size (up to 60x40 cm) makes it possible to present and move a large amount of products in a minimum of time.

What tray for your need?

  • 60x40 cm
  • 30x40 cm
  • 20x40 cm

Ideal product for:

  • Presentation of buffets (caterer, pastry chef, chocolate maker, gourmet catering).
  • Refrigerated windows.

Professional product - not sold online

  • Range of dishes and plates.
  • GN1/1 to enhance caterers, pastry chefs, chocolate makers…
  • Exist in 2 ice and crystal sets.
  • Exist in 2 black and transparent colors.
  • Not guaranteed dishwasher.
  • “Staircase” PAPs are designed for refrigerated windows
    and buffet presentations.