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Poly-Str Hans


What tray for your need?

    • 53.00 x 32.50 cm
    • 32.50 x 26.50 cm
    • 41.50 x 30.50 cm
    • 46.00 x 36.00 cm

    Leader tray specially designed for communities with intensive use of their trays.

    Ultra-resistant and attractive tray.

    Available in many dimensions and colors.

    Poly-Str Plax is so solid that it is guaranteed for 10 years against breakage.

    Hans is the first polyester tray in integrated handles.

    Original shape and returned edges, a unique design from the general public sets, associated with recognized quality, is the new Poly-Str Plantx tray.

    The Hans is a tray particularly suitable for cafaerias who want an original tray, very aesthetic and very comfortable for users.

    • Poly Str tray with original shape and integrated handles.
    • Polyester tray and high density fiberglass with continuous nattage.
    • Reinforced and tinted tray in the mass.
    • Dishwasher.
    • Unbreakable reinforced border, drying bosses, high resistance.
    • NF label (NF T54-801).
    • ISO 178 (resistance to flexion), ISO 179 (impact resistance).
    • Fit in food contact.
    • Personalization from 100 trays

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