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Which tray for your need?

  • 46,00 x 36,00 cm
  • 53,00 x 32,50 cm
  • 32,50 x 26,50 cm

Decorated Poly Str board (NF)

Decorated solidity.

Leading tray specially designed for communities with intensive use of their trays.

Attractive, heavy-duty tray.

Available in many sizes and designs.

Poly-STYL Platex is so strong that it is guaranteed for 10 years against breakage.

Intensive use

Tray used primarily in school, hospital, military, corporate and commercial cafeterias.

Tray decorated with a process that gives exceptional and 100% unalterable colors.

Professional product - not sold online

  • Customization from 100 pieces.
  • Decorations: redwood on white background - cedar on black background.
  • Design shape, low profile, 90% of useful surface.
  • Exclusive PLATEX process, registered trademark and model.
  • Unalterable decoration.
  • Very high resistance to abrasion.

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 Quality and Use Poly-Styl

 Certificate NF 2019-2021