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  • 46.00 x 36.00 cm
  • 53.00 x 32.50 cm
  • 32.50 x 26.50 cm

The decorated poly Str plateau (NF)

ISolidity decorated.

Leader tray specially designed for communities with intensive use of their trays.

Ultra-resistant and attractive tray.

Available in many dimensions and sets.

Poly-Styl Platex is so solid that it is guaranteed for 10 years against breakage.

Intensive use

Plateau used mainly in school, hospital, soldier, business, business cafeterias.

References available on request.

Plateau decorated with a process restoring exceptional and 100% unalterable colors.

Professional product - Not sold online

  • Personalization from 100 pieces.
  • Sets: Séquoia on a white background - Cedar on a black background.
  • Design shape, low profile, 90% useful surface.
  • Exclusive PLASEX process, brand and model deposited.
  • Unalterable decor.
  • Very great abrasion resistance.

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Poly-Styl quality and use

NF 2019-2021 certificate

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