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What tray for your need?

  • 37.00 x 28.00 cm
  • 46.00 x 36.00 cm
  • 28.00 x 20.00 cm

The stylish quality

The laminate is suitable for non-intensive use. It offers large possibilities in terms of decor and colors choice, for a personalized and sophisticated service.

Economic quality

Laminate to guarantee rigidity. Melamine to ensure the hardness of the surface of the tray, the Suprex offers excellent value for money. The “melamine laminate” range is suitable for non -intensive use. Drying is recommended before stacking.

Professional product - not sold online

  • Melamine laminate tray.
  • Recto/back decor (only for mahogany colors and walnut).
  • Washing machine warranty, good rigidity.
  • Drying on the front stack.

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