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Prestige cup


The espresso cup, the new Expresso Platex cup has all the qualities sought by the catering professional: aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to its “brasserie” type design, the espresso cup is perfectly suited to traditional universes.

It can also adapt to more trendy atmospheres, especially black color. To optimize storage, these cups are easily stacked and do not break. Finally, their standard size is suitable for all types of espresso machines. Available in black and white.

Dimensions: Ø5.2x5.6cm

Capacity: 9cl

Under cup Ø 11.5cm -Reference 90044011440

Professional product - Not sold online

  • Melamine cup, melamine resistance alliance with contemporary design.
  • Stackable cups and cups.
  • 2 colors available.
  • Dishwasher.
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